Reasons to Use an Electric Blanket


An electric blanket is a nice investment that will save you money and keep you comfortable for years. While most people purchase blankets for the luxuriant warmth that they provide, there are many others who get them to help them feel better; to relive the symptoms of several medical conditions. For anyone who intends to use a heated pad or blanket for therapeutic purposes, they should check with their health care provider before doing so just to be safe. However, for most people the use of these products is harmless and goes a long way in providing soothing relief.

Relieve Muscle Soreness & Back Pain

For centuries, heat has been used to alleviate muscle soreness and pain. Various methods have been used over the years but what they all have in common is that whatever they used to generate the heat lasted only for a time, usually a short amount of time. A heated mattress pad is a very good way to alleviate muscle pain because by lying on the pad set at a low temperature, even heat is consistently distributed to the problem areas. This causes the muscles to relax over time by losing their tightness, and increases the blood flow that will reduce pain.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

In the same way that the heat alleviates muscle aches and pains, it works similarly for persons suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia. By applying gentle heat, the blood flow to the skin is increased. The increased blood flow causes the muscles around the problem areas to relax, and when this happens the pain and stiffness can decrease considerably.

Stress Relief


While we all experience stress to some level, there are some people that are more affected than others, to the point where it poses a serious health risk. These persons many times have problems relaxing, and the soothing warmth of a heated blanket or pad in a quiet area helps to release stress and tension, causing them to relax.

Cold Hands and Feet

Many people suffer from cold hands and feet, and while in many cases it’s not something to worry about, in others it’s a clinical problem caused by Raynaud’s phenomenon. This causes some areas of the body, including the hands or feet, to feel numb and cold because the blood vessels in these areas are overreacting to heat or cold. A nice heated blanket reduces the symptoms of this condition.

Allergy Reduction

Your mattress can be a hotbed for allergens and dust mites because the moisture caused from sweat and cold in addition to the hair and skin that your body naturally sheds provides a breeding ground for these allergens. If you use a heated mattress pad, it can significantly reduce the allergen levels because the mattress humidity is decreased, thus lessening the chances that you’ll be made ill by allergens.